Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Royal Wedding, Waste Disaster?

With the raft of coverage in the news recently you could be forgiven for getting somewhat tired of the relentless coverage of the pending Royal Wedding!

I was pleased though to see that the event organisers have thought ahead about the inevitable problem of waste and come up with a system to cover the route they will travel. The Westminster Council has put on 15 exra sweeping vehicles as well as 40 extra staff to help ease the burden of over 140 tonnes of additional waste.

I do wonder though whether any of the waste will be recycled? No mention of that in the report from the Daily Mirror. It can be very tricky to maintain a seperate recycling system at large scale public events, we experience it at every event we manage waste for. It does seem a shame though if all 140 tonnes of the waste produced will be sent straight to landfill.

Not much of a legacy for your wedding day is it?


EMERGE Recycling

Thursday, 14 April 2011


Just a quick note to let you know that EMERGE is going to be promoting our Zero Waste campaign in the Arndale Centre as part of the centre's 'Think Green' event. We will be around all day on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th in Exchange Court which is located near Next and Starbucks in the Manchester Arndale Centre.

Look forward to seeing you down there!

EMERGE Recycling

Monday, 11 April 2011

Recycling Fines Get The Boot.


I was happy to read that as of today City Councils will no longer be allowed to fine households for making mistakes with their recycling. It always struck me as very unfair that when genuine mistakes are made by individuals using complex and varied recycling systems in earnest they should be fined. Surely it is better to encourage people to recycle for the benefit of everyone rather than threatening them for not being 100% correct in their use of the system. Especially when the fines in question could be up to £1000! We last discussed this issue in December and you clearly felt the same way as us.

In every recycling system you have to accept that there is going to be a certain level of contamination in your waste streams. At EMERGE we collect from around 1000 premises across Greater Manchester and largely we receive very clean waste from everyone we work with, this is acheived through communication and education. When someone does mix wastes we explain to them the 'Why' of source seperation and also provide signage which helps to educate people about their waste systems.

I hope that a new 'Carrot' initiative is the direction for domestic recycling services, rather than the old 'Stick' fines. If enough people are enthused about the benefits and rewards of recycling then you shouldn't need to worry about fining households as they will already be producing clean recyclates for treatment.

Optimistic? Perhaps, but I'd rather try to engage people through discussing the issues than threaten them with fines in order to acheive lower contaminant levels.


EMERGE Recycling

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

EMERGE Relaunches!

EMERGE was proud to announce a re-launch of our recycling and waste management services for businesses in Greater Manchester. Having reviewed our services and undertaken market research to clarify client requirements, the East Manchester based social enterprise can confidently offer a suitably wide menu of competitively priced options to meet the needs of the majority – from big to small, simple or complex. EMERGE can also provide collections of residual (general) or food waste as well as offering a wide range of bins to suit any customer.

“Added value” help to meeting Corporate Social Responsibility objectives is also available through EMERGE’s latest educational initiative: Zero Waste Champions. The aim is to recruit visionary individuals from all walks of life including businesses, who seek to lead sustainable lifestyles and help others do the same.

Our official re-launch took place on 25th March during Climate Week alongside an EMERGE Group exhibition showcasing all our work and shining the spotlight on the need to save our resources.
Examples of EMERGE’s re-branded vehicles were unveiled on Albert Square by Cllr. Jim Battle Deputy Leader Manchester City Council, John Walker, Chairman Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and Peter Davys National Councillor for the FSB North West who is also MD of Orrest Business Solutions. It was all thanks to Peter that the EMERGE fleet was transformed, due to his connections with HMG Paints. Stephen Crossman and Paddy Dyson represented HMG.

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