Monday, 13 December 2010

COP 16 - Climate COP Out?

Over the past two weeks all of the world has had it's eyes fixed upon the delegates of the COP16 Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico.

After the disappointment of the talks in Copenhagen at COP15 it was hoped that this time around there would be real commitment by the world's leaders to legally binding targets on carbon reduction.

Sadly for everyone at COP16, this was not the case. After two weeks of talks we are left with yet another toothless deal which is not legally binding. On the plus side we will see the creation of a UN managed climate fund, however none of the participants at COP16 have made any monetary commitments to it!

There's a really good article on the Guardian website that I recommend you read which outlines in more detail the final outcomes.

It looks like we have a long way to go yet before we will see genuine desire from political leaders to reduce global emissions.


EMERGE Recycling

Friday, 10 December 2010

Vegetable Oil Recycling in Wiltshire


Vegetable oil recycling has been introduced at 10 household waste recycling centres in Wiltshire after a 3 month trial. The oil will be collected and refined to be used as a fuel for generating electricity.

An added bonus of the scheme is that less oil will be poured down drains causing blockages and costing £15m to clean up nationally.

This service is part of the local authorities campaign to reduce food waste.

Food waste is a huge problem and the good work of love food hate waste to reduce food waste and collection schemes like this are helping people to solve the food waste problem.

Onwards & upwards!


Thursday, 9 December 2010

FareShare North West Open Day

Since Starting FareShare North West in 2008 together we have redistributed over 500 tonnes of food saved from bin/landfill, equalling 1.19 million meals for the vulnerable in our region.

Our open days are run to encourage existing members to come and see the warehouse and find out where the food comes from, who it goes to and why FareShare North West do the work that they do. Non-members are also welcome to come along and visit the warehouse and hopefully become members.

There will be opportunities to meet the volunteers at FareShare North West and have a look at the work they do, and hopefully encourage more people to come and volunteer. There is also a food demonstration, showing people the healthy meals you can make with the food donated by FareShare North West.

FareShare North West have had some major successes over the last year, i.e. in November, 26 pallets of food were donated by BEFA and successfully redistributed. FareShare supplies over 50 beneficiary groups in the region, e.g homeless shelters, day centres for the elderly and refugee support centres, in our 2 year plan we hope to double that amount of beneficiaries.

Our first open event was a resounding success, despite the snow and we will be holding another open day on 21st January 2011, 11am- 2pm. To RSVP just call 0161 223 8200.


EMERGE Recycling

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Volunteering Placement Starting Soon (10 weeks)


Volunteering placement starting soon at FareShare North West (which is operated by EMERGE in case you didn't know).

We are offering a structured programme with training including food hygiene, health and safety awareness, manual handling and emergency first aid. There will also be role specific training in warehousing. If you want to apply you must be able to commit to two days a week between 10 January and 11 March 2011.

The funders have laid down strict criteria so if you are interested take a quick look to see whether you are eligible:

Applicants must be:
• 19 years old or over
• Out of work
• Live in a City of Manchester ward

And must fit into at least one of the following groups:
• In receipt of Incapacity Benefit, Sickness Disability Benefit or Employment Support
• Lone parents in receipt of Income Support or JSA;
• Members of the BME communities including Refugee and Asylum Seekers;
• Over 50 who wish to return to work;
• Carers who wish to return to work;
• Have no qualifications

If you want to find out more come and join us for a cup of coffee and a chat at FareShare on Tuesday 14 December and 2pm. You will meet the staff and other volunteers, get more information about the placement and have the chance to fill out an application form.

If you know of anyone else who may be interest please let them know.

Onwards & upwards!


Friday, 3 December 2010

Recycling: Carrot vs Stick

Whilst looking over the metro I came across this article:

My thoughts are that people should most certainly be rewarded or praised for their successes rather than punished for not recycling. Surely it’s more important to encourage people to recycle rather than tell them they could face a hefty fine if they don’t do it properly, I believe it is unfair to have people fearing they have done something wrong when actually, recycling should be an enjoyable experience and people should be able to feel happy that they are giving something back to their community.

I don’t believe that anyone wants to feel pressured into recycling, more and more people recycle every day because they can and want to, not because they feel they have to. I don’t think recycling should become compulsory, because anyone should be able to do things when and if they want to, and there should not be anyone out there to tell people what they can and cannot do, and punish them with a huge fine.

What do you think?


EMERGE Recycling