Thursday, 22 July 2010

Food Diary Challenge


Recently, I came across a great way to monitor and reduce food waste in the home! It’s called the ‘Food Diary Challenge!’ It’s a two week diary in which you record what food you buy, what you use and what you throw away! In this way you identify where you are wasting food and why this is…
For example, buy one get one free deals could be a problem: do you actually use all the food, or are you just tempted by the bargain?

Taking part and completing the Diary Challenge is a great way to spot where you can reduce the amount of food waste in your home, plus you can also find top tips on how to use your leftovers for other meal ideas…
Gemma Thompson, a Manchester resident, recorded this tip after completing the challenge… “If you have any stale bread, grate it and freeze it, as the crumbs can be used as breadcrumbs.” Alternatively, you can cut the bread into chunks and fry them up to use as croutons, easy!

Once you have completed the challenge, you can see where and how you can prevent food waste… You can also pick up some handy tips and lovely recipes so why not give it a try? Click the following link and start your 2 week Food Diary Challenge now!

Good Luck