Thursday, 30 June 2011

Volunteers wanted for Sainsbury's Food Drive

FareShare NW needs volunteers to help with Sainsbury’s Food drive

FareShare NW is a charity which ensures ‘Good Food is Not Wasted’ by redistributing quality ‘surplus’ food from the food industry to community groups in Greater Manchester that support homeless and disadvantaged people.

On July 8th, 9th & 10th Sainsbury’s in Denton will be running ‘Make a Difference Days’ whereby customers will be asked to donate items such as tins, pasta and hot drinks to FareShare NW. The food collected will be redistributed amongst the charities and community groups that FareShare supports.

FareShare NW needs volunteers to ensure the food drive is successful.

Volunteers will stand near the exit with the Fareshare banner and publicity materials and talk to people about FareShare. Volunteers will help customers drop their donations in a trolley and empty it in the FareShare van whenever it is full.

Help is needed from 11am to 6pm on Friday and Saturday and 11am to 4pm on Sunday. Volunteers can do half day shifts or the whole day.

Please contact Nicola Milner on 0161 223 8200 or email  if you would like to get involved.

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

FareShare Blog: Jenny at Envirolution

Ever thought of volunteering? 
The vast opportunities are one of a kind! Well, on my first mission I popped down to Plattfields Park on Saturday 18th June 2011. A great start getting lost and losing my potential fellow volunteer recruits! After 30minutes, I finally met up with them in the amazing Envirolution event.

Words cannot describe how this event surpassed my expectations on the levels of inspiration, creativity and such warmth in the atmosphere! Well, many of you might be wondering what’s so special about this “Envirolution” event, right? It is the place to be in Manchester, to showcase environmental solutions, just as you might have guessed from its name!

The Envirolution contained everything with a Hot Topic Zone to an Interactive Zone and Entertainment Zone fun. With the focus on FareShare, food and health promoting, a stall dedicated to making FREE smoothies caught my eye. Refreshing, healthy and eyeing up that lovely fruity drink, I knew it was time to investigate how to get this! Great marketing words, “Free smoothie? …on yer bike!”. By cycling on a bike, we can make yummy smoothies and have a lovely workout! ? Friendly to the environment, and to your health. Definitely worth every effort and the taste of our victorious smoothie drink was sensational!! 

Interactive zone – “You are what you eat!” ClichĂ© but true! What we eat has an influence on our mind and our behaviours. I learnt how important it is to balance our bodies with a regular balance ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 [and Omega 9, where possible] to improve concentration, memory, energy and behaviours. Think carefully about your diet, is it really what you want it to be? I think I better start eating more Omega 3, 6 and 9! 
On a random note, I picked up a fascination on how real creativity is like for these people. Can you imagine what bicycle tyres can be recycled into? Rubber to make other products or new tyres? Well, believe it or not, bicycle tyres are perfect to make very unique dog collars and belts too! [Just remember to be careful with your fingers when making the holes if you do try!].

Remember, food is a vital source to our health and living in this world. I realised creativity can never be limited after this event. Volunteering has its unbelievable rich source in discovering new experiences and outstanding different way of viewing and thinking of various aspects in our country, our world. Respect, love and don’t waste food! Donate, promote and enhance your health and wellbeing of those around you and in needing too. Help us promote FareShare North West and our campaign for some fun, exciting adventures by starting to volunteer today! 

Make volunteering a part of your life! Make your FARE SHARE!! 
FareShare North West!


Friday, 24 June 2011

FareShare Blog: Zip Slide Challenge - Fundraising roundup

With just over 3 weeks to go, let's see how the competition’s hotting up...

Seb Serayet
FareShare NW Project Manager
Within just one week, both Norman Watson and our very own Seb Serayet have made an impression on our leader boards, raising £70 and £75 respectively. That's just over half the £125 target we have set for them. Well done guys! 

Charging way ahead however, raising an impressive £135, we have the delightful Dellen Ibbotson. We hear she will be wearing a fruit suit, what type of fruit we don't know, but what we do know is that she has done one heck of a job smashing our £125 target within 10 days! She has since raised her target to £150. Her fans sound super supportive. Hopefully she will be able to keep up the momentum (and maybe let is in on what type of fruit she will be before she zips?).

According to our google like algorithm (it's amazing what you can do with half a dozen free range chimps with type writers) we can work out approximately how many meals we can provide from these three donations...
  • Norman - 1 person will be fed for 7 weeks or 7 people will be fed for 3 weeks
  • Seb - 1 person will be fed for 5 and a half months or 7 people fed for 3 weeks, plus a person fed for a week
  • Dellen - 1 person will be fed for over a year 

We may like to monkey around from time to time but seriously, these three participants have shown that it's possible to make a massive impact within a very short amount of time. These, along with all our other donations are what allows FareShare to support those in need in and around Manchester.

Our dedicated volunteer coordinator Nicola Milner has stormed out of the blocks, raising £70 in just one day!  Go Nicola!!

For more info on the Zip Slide Challenge click HERE 


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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Fare Share Blog- Zip Slide Challenge. Team Eighth Day

FareShare Blog- Team Eighth Day

“Well it’s a bit of craic, isn’t it?!” - Brenda

Chatting to the Eighth Day Team – Brenda, Amanda and Camilo – the enthusiasm of the group is amazing. It’s fantastic to see them getting behind FareShare North West and it’s Zip Slide Challenge on the 16th of July.

The trio are well into the swing of fundraising – asking customers to
sponsor them, getting support from the Eighth Day co-op itself
and even asking the distributors to the shop and café.

FareShare is obviously a charity close to the hearts and minds of Team Eighth Day. Amanda added, “with the recession and everything, we should be raising awareness of the need to save and stop wasting food that’s really needed elsewhere”

“I’ve been up the viewing tower at the Imperial War Museum, it’s fairly scary but jumping off it should be awesome!” It’s obvious from what Camilo says is that nerves are on display but the team are well up for the challenge.

“We need to be supporting similar, like-minded organisations”, Brenda. FareShare North West are fundraising to stop food poverty in and around Manchester through our food redistribution programme.

To find out more and get details about how to support the fundraiser visit 


Tuesday, 21 June 2011

FareShare Blog: Mustard Tree’s Friends and Neighbours BBQ

Hooray!! After a tentative few hours of drizzle and cloud the sun shone through over the little yard in Ancoats where Mustard Tree’s BBQ was in full swing - celebrating the charity’s friends and neighbours. 
I caught up with the Communications Officer Lydia Chan for a chat.

As Lydia explains,
“being involved with FareShare really helps us. The cost of food is so high, if we had to get all the food ourselves we simply couldn’t- there wouldn’t be a barbeque!”

BBQ in full sing - complete with steel drums.

And it’s not just the quantity but the quality that plays such as role, “the meat is such good quality, I wish you had more!” FareShare deliver once a week to Mustard Tree with, “a great variety of stuff like the fruit juice, cereal, meat; lots of different foods.”

Watching the event it was great to see so many people enjoying the food and the company of those around them. But is there room for improvement?
“More things like milk would mean that along with the cereals we get from FareShare we could have a breakfast club for our clients. But it just costs too much for us to do it on our own.”

Despite the limitations, here’s hoping for more fantastic community events and barbecues and FareShare's continued involvement with such as great Manchester charity!!
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Friday, 17 June 2011

Job Opportunities at EMERGE June 2011

EMERGE is a fast growing and dynamic Manchester-based social enterprise and charity that exists to promote the practice of the 3Rs of waste reduction.
We currently have 2 employment opportunities available:

1. Sales and Marketing Consultant - Scale £16k for 35 hour week

We require a hard working and driven individual who has proven experience and a high level of success in business-to-business sales.  They will play a role in strategic sales decision-making, alongside direct sales activity.

2. FareShare Operations Supervisor - Scale £15k for 35 hour week

An experienced, competent person is required to ensure high levels of compliance and team performance in the FareShare North West depot and food redistribution operation based on New Smithfield Market in East Manchester.

Further info:

•    Location: Based at EMERGE (includes out of office work, and may include occasional evenings).
•    Contract: Post subject to 6-month probation period
•    Application process: Contact
or 0161 223 8200 and request an application pack by e-mail / post from Shaheen.   
•    Application deadlines: see application pack/letter also for info on interviews
EMERGE Recycling

Friday, 10 June 2011

FareShare Zip Slide Challenge - Are You Brave Enough?

On Saturday the 16th of July 2011, EMERGE has organised an exhilerating 250m zip slide across the Manchester Ship Canal, launched from the top of the 'Air Shard' 30 metres above the ground at the Imperial War Museum North.

Our question to you is, "Are you brave enough to take on the challenge"? If so, we need your help to fundraise for FareShare Northwest, EMERGE's regional food redistribution programme.

We need as many people as possible to sign up and commit to raising £150 to ensure the future of the FareShare Northwest programme.

To find out all the details and sign up please click here to be taken to the information page.

EMERGE Recycling

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Can The iPhone Help You Reduce Waste? Yes It Can!

As we know councils are pulling out all the stops now when it comes to waste reduction.

For example the waste disposal authority have funded a number of community groups to facilitate them in spreading the word about waste. As it happens I helped out the Monton group with some speed stuffing of recycling leaflets in bags last Friday as part of this initiative.

The latest news is that Recycle for Greater Manchester (R4GM) has turned to technology to help them with the war on waste. That's right, R4GM has hired an ecommerce company from Sale to create an Iphone app to help the good people of Greater Manchester find their nearest HWRC, bike re-use schemes and how to reduce junk mail, food waste and packaging.

This is a marvelous idea. I have been on numerous waste reduction campaigns where leaflets were used (see first paragraph) and if this can be reduced all the better.

I see that the app has already received a 5* review from Vizzzzz who claims it is a useful app - nice work Vizzzzz, hopefully that will encourage more people to download it!

I would be really interested to download the app.... but I have an Android phone - I wonder if they will do an Android version?

If you download it please let us know what you think of it in the comments - I'm dying to know!

Take care,