Thursday, 29 April 2010

EMERGE Launches Zero Waste Week


EMERGE is proud to launch Zero Waste Week, a competition to get schools in Manchester to slim their bins. All Manchester schools are being invited to enter in an effort to reduce their waste and the carbon emissions associated with it.

Register for Zero Waste Week by 7th May for the chance to win prizes for pupils, classes and staff. Click here to register.

Zero Waste Week will take place 28th June – 2nd with a run up of six weeks. Each week tackling a different theme.

Each theme has top tips on reducing your waste and free KS2 and KS3 assembly and lesson resources to download.

10th – 14th May Week 6 – General Waste and Why Recycle
17th – 21st May Week 5 – Paper and Cardboard Waste
24th – 28th May Week 4 – Metal Waste
7th – 11th June Week 3 – Compost and Food Waste
14th – 18th June Week 2 – Home and Staff Waste
21st – 25th June Week 1 – Plastic Waste
28th June – 2nd July Zero Waste Week

All waste, including recycling, will be measured at the beginning of the six week countdown and again during Zero Waste Week. The aim is that each school reduces the amount of waste it is producing per person.

At the end, all participating schools will receive a certificate showing their reduction of waste and what this looks like terms of CO2 emissions.

“This challenge provides an exciting opportunity for all staff and pupils to show that even small changes can make a difference and that anyone, whether adult or child, can do their bit in tackling climate change by living more sustainably.”
Denise Lambert, Education and Community Involvement Manager, EMERGE.

There are various categories for the prizes, including, the least waste produced per head, the school which has reduced its waste the most, the individual pupil and member of staff who has most taken the challenge to heart.

EMERGE would like to extend a big thank you to The Bridgewater Hall, Challenge for Change, Viridor, Neptune Innovations and Bike Right, which have all contributed to the various prizes that will be available to the schools that take part.

Zero Waste Week has been created to compliment Manchester’s Climate Change Action Plan to highlight the connection between waste and carbon emissions. Slimming your bin means cutting your carbon.


Friday, 16 April 2010

Environmental Advocates For Election


A quick follow up on my previous post about a local waste boss in Manchester making a stand against spurious landfill claims.

For those who are interested in making a balanced decision taking into account the environment as well as economic and social agendas when it comes to election day, check out today's article on the website which begins to outline who is standing where and what their stance is on the environment and green issues. More digging will be required no doubt to work out what your local candidates are saying...

Don't be afraid to ask those difficult questions when deciding which box to tick, part of the job is being publicly accountable after all. And if we don't engage and vote at all, how can we demand more from those who will ultimately gain the power?

Onwards & upwards!



Monday, 12 April 2010

Only in Japan!


This is probably old news to some of you, but I was very impressed at the logic and effiecient thinking behind this rather fun Japanese innovation (only to be eaten on very special occasions due to the prohibitive price as you might expect): The Square Melon!

This really appeals to me for several reasons; firstly the fruit is not genetically modified or changed in any way, secondly because the fruit can now be packed more efficiently you can transport more of them on fewer lorrys, hence they can have a significant impact on the carbon footprint of your fruit salad!

I think this kind of innovation is not only a bit of fun but could genuinely make a big difference if all melons were grown in this way (or in smaller boxes to bring the price down perhaps).

Whatever next? Straight Bananas?

Onwards & upwards!