Thursday, 25 February 2010

Climate vs. Weather


It has always been something of a bugbear of mine that whenever I talk about climate change there is always one sceptic who will say something along the lines of "Climate change, that's a load of rubbish, look at all this snow/sun/etc" completely missing the point that there is in fact a difference between Climate and Weather!

I very much enjoyed reading this article on the times website which nicely surmises the difference between the two. It also explains why it is paramount that we heed the advice of climate change scientists and disregard the opinions of journalists and the media who have neglected to commit the time to even understand the difference between the two, or the scale of the challenge we are currently facing.

Onwards & upwards!



Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Congratulations EMERGE Drivers!


Big Congratulations are in order to our recycling operations crew at EMERGE for achieving their NVQ Level 2 certification in Environmental Conservation and Community Recycling! We've posted the full story on the EMERGE website but I thought it was worth taking this opportunity to say how proud I am of the hard work our collections crew do day in day out, helping businesses and schools in Manchester and the surrounding area to recycle their waste.

A further good news story is that Vicki Leng, Secondary School Leader within our Environmental Education Team and a passionate veg grower has helped our sister subsidiary, EMERGE Food, to secure £10k from Manchester City Council's Carbon Innovation Fund to establish a "grow your own" demonstration and learning garden on site here at New Smithfield Market in the heart of East Manchester.

Supported by the Council's Markets Dept, this innovative new project will work to connect local residents with local growers, teach 'grow your own' skills to inspire people to grow veg in their backyards/windowsills/communal areas and will generally link to our rapidly developing food awareness and healthy eating activities. Congratulations Vicki!

If you'd like to get more involved or want to contribute to our activities in some way, please contact Denise at EMERGE.

Onwards and upwards!



MRF Strikes Again


I was disappointed to read yet another report of the shocking levels of wastage generate by Materials Reclamation Facilities ('MRF's). It seems that Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority have released figures showing that at one of their facilities up to one tonne in every seven sent for reprocessing is then sent onto landfill.

Just another example of the potential for enormous inefficiencies in these facilities, as I had outlined in my previous blog post: MRF - Mechanical Recovery Fallacy.. Meanwhile, despite their set up and running costs, MRFs and their associated technologies continue to be cited as a marvellous invention in doing the work of separating our wasted resources...

At risk of sounding like a Luddite, how many people are currently out of work? And what about the lost opportunities to reiterate the resource efficiency message with the people who take the time to segregate materials for reprocessing?

Onwards & upwards!


EMERGE Recycling

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Climate Change: Don't Believe The Hype!


I came across an article on the Independent's website the other day which nicely surmises what I've been feeling recently about the 'climate change' debate. A lot of sceptics felt vindicated by the climategate scandal and there were implications that in some way the incident disproves all of the science which points towards anthropogenic global warming.

Whilst I agree with the sceptics that the alleged misconduct of the minority of climate scientists involved does damage the credibility of the science, I don't believe that it gives anyone carte blanche to completely ignore the evidence their studies have produced.

As the world's leading scientists work on the 5th assessment report for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change I think we have to listen very carefully to their findings. Hopefully when the government's independent inquiry reveals their findings in March, we can put this controversy to bed and focus once more on the science of climate change and the actions we need to take to reduce it and mitigate against its impacts.

Onwards & upwards!



Monday, 1 February 2010

Vacancies at EMERGE

EMERGE - East Manchester based Charitable Enterprise Seeking:

Customer Services Administrator

A resourceful hard working individual with experience delivering customer service at a high level to assist in delivery of recycling services to business customers; £12–14k/35 hr pw.

P/T Sales Ledger & Credit Control Clerk

Experienced, mature person required to support excellent customer services as key member of EMERGE’s small finance team. Proven communication skills essential inc ability and experience in securing payment from customers upto 21hrs/£13.8-15.5k pro rata, 9.30-3, Mon-Thur, negotiable.

P/T Finance Manager

Experienced individual to support strategic management of the Group’s finances, producing monthly management accounts & related performance information. Will oversee & develop financial systems inc the work of small finance team. Negotiable terms, e.g. 7-14 hrs paid to max £30 p/hr.

FOR INFO: To request an application pack, contact us via either: or Tel: 0161 223 8200

DEADLINE for applications 8th Feb 5pm.