Friday, 13 July 2012

Lucy's Big Ride, Day XII

Yesterday Lucy and co reached the Scottish Highlands after a 74 mile slog. She spent the night at Newtonmore with the knowledge that she's only got a couple of days left on the trip! Her legs must surely be looking forward to a nice sit down!

There's still time to support Lucy! She's putting in an absolutely amazing amount of effort so let's see her home with a final fundraising push! If you haven't donated already, please please please do so now. FareShare North West and EMERGE thank you!

Now, on to our food-related subject for the day. According to reports, it seems that food waste isn't just a behaviour issue, it's also an appetite issue. Apparently, the wet weather is putting us off traditional Summer foods, leaving fruits and salads alone and wilting on supermarket shelves. Farmers are losing out, with many under threat of going out of business, and lots of Summery food is going to waste! Come on guys, let's forget about the weather and eat those lovely strawberries anyway! They taste just as good!

Once again, it's not too late to support Lucy and FareShare North West! Please donate here. There are also long-term PR packages available to corporate sponsors, so get in touch with Lucy at

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