Monday, 9 July 2012

Lucy's Big Ride, Day VIII

Like any good Sunday, Day 8 saw Lucy take a day of rest in Kendal in glorious weather. She definitely deserves it, and what better place to relax than the Lake District!

Here's Lucy on the left (not sure if that's a grimace of effort or a smile...)

While Lucy takes some time to chill out, let's take some time to revisit why Lucy went on her cycle in the first place. FareShare North West bucks the trend of our wasteful society by redistributing food rejected by the food industry to those in need of a good meal. So far FareShare NW has provided over 2 million meals to 60 local organisations, supporting around 2000 people.

Charitable food redistribution is becoming more and more recognised as a vital part of the food waste chain in the UK. The role is summed up perfectly in this article in The Guardian by food waste campaigner Tristram Stuart:

"Food redistribution is one of the best win-win solutions for food waste avoidance. Food companies can often save money by donating food rather than paying the £80 or so per tonne in landfill tax and disposal costs. Charities such as FareShare redistribute industry surpluses to organisations around the country, helping to feed the 5.6 million people in this country who don't have access to a decent diet."

A recent DEFRA meeting incorporating major UK retailers and food charities took place to discuss opportunities to improve the redistribution of surplus food from supermarkets, with FareShare CEO Lindsay Boswell admitting that FareShare's efforts are still being hampered by a lack of food donations. You can read the full article about these talks here.

Please continue to support Lucy and FareShare North West by donating here. There are also long-term PR packages available to corporate sponsors, so get in touch with Lucy at

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