Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Lucy's Big Ride, Day III

Today Lucy cycled from beautiful Devon to luverrrly Somerrrset.

As well as the charming country bumpkin accents and delicious cider, the South West is well known for its farming, with food production playing a vital role in the local economy. Lucy herself actually has family connections in the industry at Charlton Musgrove. For 300 years or so the Kimbers have called the lush pastures of Blackmore Vale their home. One of the products they sell is 'Welfare Friendly Veal'.

Blackmore Vale, courtesy of Marilyn Peddle

This, like the fishy goings on we mentioned yesterday, is quite a contentious issue in the food waste arena. Many people are still blissfully unaware (myself included until recently!) that male dairy calves are often shot at birth in the UK due to being unwanted; with the female calves being kept and raised as milking cows. As well as being very inhumane, this is a big environmental issue. A large amount of resources go towards the growing of the calves, only for everything to be wasted at birth. The Kimbers are part of a gradually growing network of farms that rear male calves humanely and slaughter them for rose veal, i.e. making good use of good food.

To learn more about this topic, have a gander here. The Kimbers also have an online shop, so take a peek!

PS- Due to technical issues, we're still without a photo of Lucy on her journey... but watch this space!

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