Thursday, 12 July 2012

Lucy's Big Ride, Day XI

Yesterday's leg of  the trip took Lucy to Comrie Croft in Perthshire. She's now only got around 250 miles to go!

Now Lucy's deep into Scotland it's a perfect time to mention an inspirational little girl from Argyll who started blogging about her school lunches, bringing a local council to its knees and making a ridiculous amount of money for a food poverty charity in the process!

Martha Payne, 9, was so unsatisfied with her school lunches that she started a blog called NeverSeconds, taking a photo of each meal and providing the vital statistics for readers, including mouthful count, health rating and number of hairs. The meals were less than appetising at times and Martha won support from fellow school lunch revolutionary Jamie Oliver and her school agreed to provide unlimited fruit and veg at lunchtimes. The local council even had the audacity to ban this 9 year old girl from taking pictures of her lunches but were then forced to back down due to Martha's overwhelming fanbase.

Martha still blogs and other children from all over the world are sending her pictures of their school lunches with their very own stats and scores. It's a wonderful, funny read and the best bit is she's raising money for the international food poverty charity Mary's Meals. With all her press attention and public support, so far she's raised over £100,000!!! You can help her too by clicking here.

PS- One of Lucy's cycling partners, Carol Bradshaw, is celebrating her birthday today! Happy Birthday Carol! She's raising money for Simply Cycling and Francis House Children's Hospice, so take a look at her own blog here.

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