Friday, 8 July 2011

It’s good bike from me, and it’s good bike from him.

It’s a long running theme that cycling is a money saver: no petrol costs along with relatively low maintenance and repair costs.
But is it just a financial decision?

It seems like Maxton Walker (Guardian 7/7/2011), through focussing on a purely financial incentive for cycling is missing the bigger picture.

He seems to criticise the cycling way of life for not being as cheap as it seems once you factor in all the other associated costs. Despite this, and according to his own calculations, he still would save about £450 per year if he chose a bike over a bus!! And who really cares if it takes a little longer? Surely we’re not in that much of a rush?

But is money the only thing you should be concerned about? There are so many wider benefits to cycling!!
  • Less air and noise pollution
  • An improved urban environment
  • Physical and mental health will improve dramatically.
  • Lower healthcare costs in the long term for yourself and others
  • More accessibly in rural areas (and in many urban areas too!)

To name but a few...

Cycling isn’t just an exercise on how to save on the pennies, it’s a way to improve your life and the lives of those around you. I'm a passionate cyclist. Have you met anyone who is a "passionate bus passenger"?!
It’s clean, sustainable and fun. 
Ask me which I’d prefer and I’ll say bikes over busses, every time.


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