Friday, 1 July 2011

FareShare Blog: Zip Slide support from The Mark Addy

FareShare NW are delighted to have the support of one of Manchester's Origional Riverside Pub - The Mark Addy. 

Not only is head chef Robert Owen Brown backing the charity, he is also zip-sliding off the Imperial War Museum in Salford Quays to help fundraise for us!

Local lad Rob explains, "With being a chef, you're at the front line of food wastage: we avoid waste by using as much of an animal as we can." The Mark Addy is proud to support local food networks and selling less common, innovative foods, it's obvious from Rob's passion and enthusiasm that food is of great importance to him!

"With FareShare it's about making people aware of it, nobody's going to argue it's not a good idea. It's genius." Rob's fully behind FareShare NW, asking customers and their supplies for sponsorship- he's sure to raise lots!

On the 16th of July, Rob will not only be zip sliding over the beautiful Manchester Ship Canal but he'll be hosting some food demos outside the Lowry along with other local chefs.

The only thing I had left to ask Rob was if he was a little scared about jumping off the 30 metre high air shard at the museum; "Nah, I've got no problem with heights, it just the falling off them that I don't like!"

If you fancy doing the zip slide and raising money to stop food poverty in the North West?
You can get more details HERE

You can keep up to date with Rob's progress on their website or follow them on Twitter | Facebook


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