Monday, 25 July 2011

FareShare Guest Blog: The Zipslide Jump (of my life)!!!!

And so the day begins!!! The most anticipated event in FareShare North West, the Zipslide day is finally here!

Well I would say bright and early, but Manchester had its typical rain on my outward journey there. It wouldn’t be Manchester without this, right? Just a small trip on the tram and arriving to meet the rest of the FareShareNW Team with our event tents and the zipslide being setup all safely. All ready to go? Bring it on!

Then a glimpse of the zipslide…
I must say, to me, the zipslide wire didn’t seem to be that high than what I had imagined. But either way, I know, to many, it will still pose as a huge thrill yet a challenge to test one’s fear of heights all for the good cause – Fundraising and raising awareness of minimising food wastage and helping those in need.

Participants slowly appeared to take on the challenge and see-through their efforts with much enthusiasm. I must say, it turned out to be quite an impressive number! Passers-by got attracted by all the activities, the food and the whole event, which helped to gain a few more participants to zipslide all for the good cause! Such great news!!

Throughout helping out the event at the FareShare tent and the food stall, I have been constantly debating whether to do a zipslide myself. >_< I’ve never faced any outdoor activity challenge such as this, but then again I used to love going on intensive funfare rides, what could be different? However, I’ve never really had my fear of heights tested. Do I go for it? 
Or will I coward out of it?? The angels and demons, so to say, were constantly going through my mind!!!

In the end, I found some good volunteering buddies to brave it all together. Ahh! Definitely helped me calm down my nerves and turn them into excitement. And so the walk to the Imperial War Museum starts…

Everything set and harnessed up, I was ready!! It really felt like cross between a mission impossible moment and going on a space mission!

 At the top of the lift, the doors open… a bridge to our set-off point, the feeling is just like in the films! Then the open space, where we’d be jumping out this building, is before us. One by one, waiting to jump. One by one… the nerves makes us realise how real this is happening!!! Not wanting to be the last, nor the first. Mixed feelings still!

My turn. YIKES!!!!!! All hooked up and ready. No time to look down. No time to breathe, no time to think, no time to jump!!!!  Just clipped on and “hanging” then the guy doing the safety checks lets go!!! Then I’m off!!!!! .. I didn’t have the chance to think and prepare myself... haha I guess it’s thanks to being short?
Love it!!!! Yet so scared!!! The rain pouring and hitting against my face!!!!! All adding to the lovely zipslide experience. The speed and the jump downwards definitely went too quick, then sudden moment you hit the brakes… This is when you remember to return back to reality.  A safe landing thankfully!

What a day!

I hope more events like this will come again and to see more volunteers to join in such unique experiences. I am thoroughly anticipating the next FareShareNW event to come, for the sheer fun and experience of making a difference to help for what we stand for and making new friends. Well done FareShare!


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