Thursday, 7 July 2011

FareShare Blog: Beneficiary- Cornerstone Day Centre

With around 200 visitors a day, Cornerstone is very much a busy and bustling centre aiming to support those from all walks of life. 
The centre accommodates a wide range of clients; many are homeless, socially isolated and alienated. Suffering from poverty along drug and alcohol problems is not uncommon.

The day-centre is one of FareShare North West’s biggest beneficiaries and the food is always appreciated. “No matter what we get from FareShare, it always gets eaten.” explains Sister Lucy Dunne, who oversees the running of the centre. “The name is right- food is fairly shared to those that need it the most”

Sister Lucy explains how FareShare’s support is crucial, “Food is our big thing. Providing a good well-balanced, nutritious meal is so important for the people coming here. A lot of the visitors simply wouldn’t be able to get it from anywhere else.” 

It’s a reminder that not only food quantity is important but also food quality. FareShare NW works alongside large suppliers such as Kellogs, Brakes and McCains to ensure that beneficiaries receive varied and nutritious deliveries.

Throughout our conversation Sister Lucy along with other volunteers highlight the problems the Cornerstone centre faces, “when we get things like mincemeat in, it’s wonderful. Around sixty pounds per meal is needed just for the mince for the dinners. Something as basic as milk for a cup of tea or coffee is costing us so much money every day” 

Please support FareShare NW so it can continue to support such valuable organisations as Cornerstone as well as expanding to help even more communities in and around Manchester.


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