Friday, 24 June 2011

FareShare Blog: Zip Slide Challenge - Fundraising roundup

With just over 3 weeks to go, let's see how the competition’s hotting up...

Seb Serayet
FareShare NW Project Manager
Within just one week, both Norman Watson and our very own Seb Serayet have made an impression on our leader boards, raising £70 and £75 respectively. That's just over half the £125 target we have set for them. Well done guys! 

Charging way ahead however, raising an impressive £135, we have the delightful Dellen Ibbotson. We hear she will be wearing a fruit suit, what type of fruit we don't know, but what we do know is that she has done one heck of a job smashing our £125 target within 10 days! She has since raised her target to £150. Her fans sound super supportive. Hopefully she will be able to keep up the momentum (and maybe let is in on what type of fruit she will be before she zips?).

According to our google like algorithm (it's amazing what you can do with half a dozen free range chimps with type writers) we can work out approximately how many meals we can provide from these three donations...
  • Norman - 1 person will be fed for 7 weeks or 7 people will be fed for 3 weeks
  • Seb - 1 person will be fed for 5 and a half months or 7 people fed for 3 weeks, plus a person fed for a week
  • Dellen - 1 person will be fed for over a year 

We may like to monkey around from time to time but seriously, these three participants have shown that it's possible to make a massive impact within a very short amount of time. These, along with all our other donations are what allows FareShare to support those in need in and around Manchester.

Our dedicated volunteer coordinator Nicola Milner has stormed out of the blocks, raising £70 in just one day!  Go Nicola!!

For more info on the Zip Slide Challenge click HERE 


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