Thursday, 23 June 2011

Fare Share Blog- Zip Slide Challenge. Team Eighth Day

FareShare Blog- Team Eighth Day

“Well it’s a bit of craic, isn’t it?!” - Brenda

Chatting to the Eighth Day Team – Brenda, Amanda and Camilo – the enthusiasm of the group is amazing. It’s fantastic to see them getting behind FareShare North West and it’s Zip Slide Challenge on the 16th of July.

The trio are well into the swing of fundraising – asking customers to
sponsor them, getting support from the Eighth Day co-op itself
and even asking the distributors to the shop and café.

FareShare is obviously a charity close to the hearts and minds of Team Eighth Day. Amanda added, “with the recession and everything, we should be raising awareness of the need to save and stop wasting food that’s really needed elsewhere”

“I’ve been up the viewing tower at the Imperial War Museum, it’s fairly scary but jumping off it should be awesome!” It’s obvious from what Camilo says is that nerves are on display but the team are well up for the challenge.

“We need to be supporting similar, like-minded organisations”, Brenda. FareShare North West are fundraising to stop food poverty in and around Manchester through our food redistribution programme.

To find out more and get details about how to support the fundraiser visit 


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