Wednesday, 29 June 2011

FareShare Blog: Jenny at Envirolution

Ever thought of volunteering? 
The vast opportunities are one of a kind! Well, on my first mission I popped down to Plattfields Park on Saturday 18th June 2011. A great start getting lost and losing my potential fellow volunteer recruits! After 30minutes, I finally met up with them in the amazing Envirolution event.

Words cannot describe how this event surpassed my expectations on the levels of inspiration, creativity and such warmth in the atmosphere! Well, many of you might be wondering what’s so special about this “Envirolution” event, right? It is the place to be in Manchester, to showcase environmental solutions, just as you might have guessed from its name!

The Envirolution contained everything with a Hot Topic Zone to an Interactive Zone and Entertainment Zone fun. With the focus on FareShare, food and health promoting, a stall dedicated to making FREE smoothies caught my eye. Refreshing, healthy and eyeing up that lovely fruity drink, I knew it was time to investigate how to get this! Great marketing words, “Free smoothie? …on yer bike!”. By cycling on a bike, we can make yummy smoothies and have a lovely workout! ? Friendly to the environment, and to your health. Definitely worth every effort and the taste of our victorious smoothie drink was sensational!! 

Interactive zone – “You are what you eat!” Clich√© but true! What we eat has an influence on our mind and our behaviours. I learnt how important it is to balance our bodies with a regular balance ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 [and Omega 9, where possible] to improve concentration, memory, energy and behaviours. Think carefully about your diet, is it really what you want it to be? I think I better start eating more Omega 3, 6 and 9! 
On a random note, I picked up a fascination on how real creativity is like for these people. Can you imagine what bicycle tyres can be recycled into? Rubber to make other products or new tyres? Well, believe it or not, bicycle tyres are perfect to make very unique dog collars and belts too! [Just remember to be careful with your fingers when making the holes if you do try!].

Remember, food is a vital source to our health and living in this world. I realised creativity can never be limited after this event. Volunteering has its unbelievable rich source in discovering new experiences and outstanding different way of viewing and thinking of various aspects in our country, our world. Respect, love and don’t waste food! Donate, promote and enhance your health and wellbeing of those around you and in needing too. Help us promote FareShare North West and our campaign for some fun, exciting adventures by starting to volunteer today! 

Make volunteering a part of your life! Make your FARE SHARE!! 
FareShare North West!


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