Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Recycling Q+A - Part 1.

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if there was anything you would like to know about the world of recycling and waste? Whether it's legislation, what actually happens to certain types of waste or why you can't recycle some things.

We'd love to help you guys get a better understanding of waste and sustainability, so if you have any questions drop them in the comments box below and we'll get right back to you!!


EMERGE Recycling


  1. Nice Blog! We are recycling nuts here in California USA. My junk removal service - began recycling mattresses a few years ago and it's really doing well, we recycle over 100 mattresses per week. Are there any efforts in the UK to recycle mattresses?

  2. Thanks Fred, you're certainly making great headway on the mattresses! We know of a few places in the UK running similar schemes. The more the merrier right? :)