Thursday, 26 May 2011

Guest Blog - The Good Green Life

Hello Readers!,

From studying a degree in Sustainable Development for four years, I’ve increasingly become aware of how I live my life and how my ‘habits’ have accumulated to the deprivation of what society and consumerism consistently has on this beautiful world. Therefore, I have decided that I don’t want to continue this way anymore and I want to live a life that is more self-sufficient and sustainable.

My blog is a diary account of how it is possible to live a much easier life that is stress free and less dependent on the rat race. I intend on trying anything new but my main aim is that it does need to economically viable, ethically sound and kind to the environment. I will experience failures, achieve success and I am willing to listen to any advice.

Sharing my diary will hopefully show people how it is possible for everyone to live a much exciting life in tune with this planets natural eco system without sacrificing the wonderful luxuries this world has to offer.

To follow my progress, keep an eye on my blog: The Good Green Life


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  1. We can obtain the goodness of nature really when we are living close to the nature.