Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Small Businesses Refuse To Buy Green?


I read an article the other day by freshbusinessthinking.com, normally they send me very useful articles about general business practice, written by someone well-informed in the industry.

I was quite suprised when I received this article: Small Businesses Refuse To Go Green from them. The article describes how a study conducted by Enterprise-Rent-A-Car shows that across the UK one in ten SMEs would refuse to use a greener alternative product even if it represented a cheaper, more convenient option for their business!

I've not been able to see the report itself, but part of me thinks actually the way this is reported is a total misrepresentation of the facts, surely if one in ten businesses refuse to consider a green alternative, doesn't that mean that nine in ten do? If so then 90% of businesses across the UK are happy to consider green alternative products, which sounds like good news to me!

Cost is named and shamed as the main reason why some SME's will not consider using green products, which for small businesses is understandable. If the cost of the green alternative is competative however, I cannot comprehend why any SME would not consider green alternatives.

Onwards & upwards!



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