Friday, 8 January 2010

New Year, New Ideas?


I read an article on the Times website about a way to run your car on recycled materials, it seems that one entrepreneur has discovered that by blasting waste with highly presurrised steam in a rotating drum it is possible to extract the high-calorific organic materials which can then be reprocessed to produce bioethanol.

It sounds like a good way of treating organic materials, though plastics and metals will still have to be removed from the mix and treated in the normal manner. That said I would prefer people to spend their time and money looking at other ways of powering automobiles, i.e. hydrogen or renewably sourced electricity.

I'm convinced the future lies in encouraging people to waste less, to minimise their individual outputs and think before they buy. That said the more ways we have of treating the waste rather than burying it in a pit, the better!

Onwards & upwards!



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  1. EMERGE looks like a great organisation! At Action 21 (Leamington-based sustainability organisation) we're always thinking of new ways to cut consumption and re-use things.

    And so we've just launched a photography competition called "Re-use: the possibilities are endless", and we'll be having the exhibtion on March 18th.

    There's more information on our website here: