Monday, 25 January 2010

Manchester Waste Boss Makes A Stand


I was really pleased to see a fellow local waste boss, Marcus Farmer is taking a stand against spurious claims made by waste contractors, many of whom are telling businesses that their waste is being recycled when in fact the majority of it is sent to landfill.

Ever since EMERGE's inception I've been an advocate of ensuring that waste is dealt with not only sustainably but also legally and responsibly. Wherever possible we ensure that our material reprocessors are as close as possible to Manchester, in some instances we have even rejected reprocessors who offer us better deals because of the inherent environmental impact of the longer journeys required to use their facilities.

It saddens me to think that there are operations like EMERGE dedicated to not only encouraging businesses to recycle but also doing their damndest to ensure they are legally compliant and minimising their environmental impact wherever possible who will lose business to 'cowboy' traders that will not dispose of waste in the manner their customers expect.

I'm all in favour of Marcus' stance and his complaint to trading standards for further investigation. For Manchester to achieve all of its goals for sustainability we need to ensure that only the most thorough, integrous, sustainable and legally compliant waste carriers are allowed to operate in our city.

Onwards & upwards!



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