Friday, 5 June 2009

Sony Ericsson Launch Recycled Mobile Phone - C901 Greenheart


I'm glad to see another of the major mobile phone manufacturers has decided to produce a handset which is more environmentally sustainable.
The C901 Greenheart is the first product to be developed with Sony Ericsson's sustainablity guidelines in mind.

Featuring a casing made from 50% recycled plastics and their first ever in-phone manual (which reduce the amount of paper produced per phone by 90%), this phone is full of eco-gubbins like a carbon calculating pedometer and light sensors to reduce energy usage. It also comes bundled with a low power charger and a 100% recycled plastic headset.

It is great to see Sony Ericsson joining the ranks alongside other phone manufacturers such as Motorola and Samsung designing and producing products for those of us who are more environmentally minded.

Onwards & upwards!



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  2. I completely agree, it's good to see a company taking some responsibility in this current era of waste. More of us should be doing the same and looking to get into mobile phone recycling, as it could save us some money at the same time. With there being so many companies out there, we might as well take advantage of the opportunity.