Friday, 12 June 2009

WRAP Encourages Kerbside Recycling

Amazing News:

This week WRAP has launched a report which outlines why co-mingled recycling streams are less effective than source segregation of materials in terms of both cost and quality output.

In a leaflet entitled 'Choosing The Right Recycling Collection System' WRAP outlined their opinion:

"kerbside sort systems offer reliable material quality and lower net costs for council taxpayers. They are also capable of capturing the same volume of material as co-mingled schemes."

"Because of our priority for quality materials as a way to improve resource efficiency, WRAP believes that kerbside sort collections should be preferred where they are practical and should be in the majority of local authority areas."

I'm delighted that WRAP has taken this stance as the lead body on developing and improving materials' recycling infrastructure and systems in the UK. Their latest report adds to the body of evidence supporting kerbside sort collection systems. At EMERGE we have known for a long time that source separated collection schemes such the ones we run for councils and for businesses in Greater Manchester produce a far higher quality of material with a massively reduced risk of contamination, as well as engaging people fare more effectively in the process of managing the waste they generate.

More information about how kerbside sort schemes work for councils can be found at the Campaign for Real Recycling website and hopefully this report will be taken into consideration by other councils when they decide how to implement and improve their own recycling schemes.

Onwards & upwards!


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