Friday, 3 April 2009

One great idea, one minor drawback!


I was recently shown a really interesting idea to help reduce the amount of e-waste being generated and a pretty natty way to personalise your PC. The Cardboard Computer Case was designed by Francesco Biasci for the Greener Gadgets Design Competition.

The idea is that by using recycled cardboard, the amount of consumer waste created by computer disposal would be reduced, modern computers on average having a life cycle of between 4-5 years. The main drawback has to be the potential fire hazard of using PC components inside a highly flammable substance, and the question has to be asked whether or not the cardboard would be viable for recycling after it was coated in fire retardants?

I do applaud Francesco for thinking outside of the box (pardon the pun!) and this kind of thinking and challenging of norms will eventually have a real impact upon the amount of waste we produce at home and in our businesses.

Onwards and upwards!


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