Thursday, 25 February 2010

Climate vs. Weather


It has always been something of a bugbear of mine that whenever I talk about climate change there is always one sceptic who will say something along the lines of "Climate change, that's a load of rubbish, look at all this snow/sun/etc" completely missing the point that there is in fact a difference between Climate and Weather!

I very much enjoyed reading this article on the times website which nicely surmises the difference between the two. It also explains why it is paramount that we heed the advice of climate change scientists and disregard the opinions of journalists and the media who have neglected to commit the time to even understand the difference between the two, or the scale of the challenge we are currently facing.

Onwards & upwards!




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  2. I wrote a blog post on a similar issue which was discussed in The Guardian. I think it's very worrying that a lot of research is going into global warming and is becoming increasingly more of a concern as evidence is showing the harmful effects at the result of it. The government are starting to show an active concern so hopefully this will generate trust amongst the public to then take it seriously.