Monday, 23 March 2009

UK Deposit Recycling Schemes


A recently published report by the CPRE and the Policy Exchange think tank has concluded that a deposit recycling schemes could help to significantly boost recycling rates and reduce littering at no cost to local authorities.

The theory is simple, currently a soft drink in a plastic bottle costs somewhere in the region of 90p, if you add a recycling deposit onto the drink cost and sell it to the consumer at say 110p, they then reclaim 20p when they take it back to the retailer for recycling.

The report cites similar schemes in New York, Germany, Denmark and Sweden as being extremely successful and Bill Bryson, the President of CPRE claims the government seem "intent" on avoiding the introduction of similar schemes in the UK.

CPRE Press Release - "Stopping The Litter Bugs"

This type of scheme has already been proven to be very successful across Europe and I for one think that anything which encourages consumers to think environmentally has to be worth serious consideration.

Onwards & upwards!


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