Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Recycling Clarity for Consumers?


A national scheme was launched today offering a system of standardised labelling for recycleable packaging. The new OPRL (On Pack Recycling Label) system has already got on board a number of food manufacturers (Associated British Foods, Britvic, Kellogg’s, Premier Foods, Rachel’s Organics, Robert Wiseman Dairies, Weetabix) and retailers (Asda, the Co-operative Group, Marks and Spencer, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose.) who hope the system will increase recycling rates and offer consumers advice on best recycling practice in their area.

In a press release from OPRL, Liz Goodwin the Chief Executive of WRAP is quoted as saying:

“I welcome this development as it improves the recycling information on-pack and addresses the question that many consumers ask ‘what can be recycled here in the UK?’ As the UK’s infrastructure improves, the labels on-pack can reflect this, helping us all recycle more things more often.”

Systems like this can only help to raise awareness with consumers and help to prevent them sending unnecessary material to landfill and I think all of the parties involved should be applauded.

Onwards & upwards!


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