Monday, 2 March 2009

Eco Easter Eggs


I've just read a really great story, following a report by the Advisory Committee on Packaging it was discovered that 59% of adults canvassed felt that easter eggs were over-packaged and would support reductions in packaging methods and materials.

What is really impressive is that for once the manufacturers and retailers sat up and listened. Companies including M&S, Thorntons, Nestle UK, Cadbury UK and Mars UK signed up to work alongside WRAP as part of the Seasonal Confectionary Industry Working Group to reduce the amount of packaging for their seasonal produce.

Mark Barthel, special advisor for WRAP, said: "With seasonal confectionery receiving criticism for excessive packaging over recent years, I'm delighted to see the sector responding so positively and collectively. Customers should see a real difference on supermarket shelves this year."

There are a number of examples of the commitments the companies involved have made this year in this article from letsrecycle.

Isn't it inspiring when we work together and achieve something that will make a real difference to the amount of unnecessary waste generated by the food industry!

Onwards & upwards!


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