Friday, 23 August 2013

Earth Overshoot Day

Earlier this week it was Earth Overshoot Day. How does one celebrate this calendar milestone, I hear you ask. Well, you don't. This is not a happy occasion. Buying each other gifts will just make it worse.

20th August 2013 marks the day, estimated by sustainability NGO Global Footprint Network, where we have used up all the natural resources that Earth is able to replenish in one year. In other words, we have used up our allocation of natural resources for the year, and are now effectively stealing from the future. Every single thing we consume from now on is theft, committed by us, on our children and grandchildren.

Scary isn't it. Even more scarily, the chaps at Global Footprint Network note that Earth Overshoot Day is coming around earlier and earlier each year. We are running up a huge ecological debt, borrowing from a bank that is fast running out of money. For more info on Earth Overshoot Day, click here.

Recycling is really important in this context. Let's not be wasteful with resources, we owe it to tomorrow. To get your company or organisation more resource-conscious, take a look at EMERGE's recycling services. Help us help you to help all of us push Earth Overshoot Day off our business calendars.

EMERGE provides environmental education and advice on resource management, waste composition and sustainable procurement issues. 

We now offer Confidential Document Shredding services!
We are working in partnership with Cooler to deliver ‘Carbon Literacy’ trainings for businesses across Greater Manchester. This is a relevant, informative and practical training – you will return to your desk/vehicle/role knowing what your personal carbon footprint is and with actions you can do to reduce it. 
For more info see or speak to Liz Lauder on 0161 223 8200 to book your places. 

Visit our new Pop-Up Shop in Manchester city centre! Promoting the 3Rs of waste reduction, reuse and recyling, we are selling goodies and local arts and crafts with a 'Made in Manchester' theme. We have cards, soaps, jewellery, second hand books, clothes, records, bric a brac and lots of gift ideas from the cheap and cheerful to great works of art! 
Find us at Brazennose House West, Brazennose St, M2 5AS. Opening hours are usually 12-5pm Wed-Sat but are subject to change. Please contact for more info.

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