Monday, 5 August 2013

And then came the storms. And the waste...

The weather in the last few weeks has been brilliant (if you like the sun- I know a lot of British people seem allergic to it, including me- I've been slathering on suncream in Manchester like it's the Costa Del Sol). Thousands of us have flocked to the coast to enjoy it. Ice creams all round. But then came the storms...

Let's face it, it wasn't going to last forever was it. So we've had our fun, now it's time to get back to business. And on that note, this stormy weather is throwing up a waste-related reminder from nature, as a recent BBC News feature highlights. 

Like a bad conscience, the stormy weather is washing up a lot of trash on our shores. According to the Marine Conservation Society spokesperson interviewed by the BBC, around two-thirds of what washes up is plastic. Not good for the ocean, and not good for us either:

"Even the smallest plastic waste, such as particles known as "nurdles", pose dangers. Small creatures can mistake them for food and die from ingesting them, in turn denying larger animals the prey they need to survive. Plastic bags are particularly fatal because they can block digestive systems when mistaken for jellyfish by larger animals, leading to starvation and death. Bags have been recovered from the stomachs of beached turtles and whales around the UK coast. Also, biologists are becoming concerned that toxins in this micro-plastic waste are transferred through species with unknown effects."

Where do we even begin to start tackling this? Well, by REDUCING THE AMOUNT OF WASTE WE CREATE. Simple. And it's EMERGE's aim to do just that in Greater Manchester. Interested in upping your recycling and reducing waste for your business? Contact us today!

EMERGE provides environmental education and advice on resource management, waste composition and sustainable procurement issues. We are now working in partnership with Cooler to deliver ‘Carbon Literacy’ trainings for businesses across Greater Manchester. 
This is a relevant, informative and practical training – you will return to your desk/vehicle/role knowing what your personal carbon footprint is and with actions you can do to reduce it. For more info see or speak to Liz Lauder on 0161 223 8200 to book your places. 

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