Thursday, 27 January 2011

What a Waste of Resources - Nimrod Aircrafts Scrapped


Dismantling of nine multimillion pound Nimrod aircraft is underway at BAE in Stockport I learned from the BBC yesterday.

Having cost the taxpayer £4Bn !!!!! and having taken 1800 people 10 years to design and build the aircraft will never fly and are now being taken apart and scrapped.

The aircraft were due to be handed over to the RAF and go into service next year but in a bid to save £2Bn over the next 10 years the project was cancelled in the spending review last October.

I am not a fan of planes in general, they produce far too much pollution and should be phased out asap in my opinion.

However, the sight of these great feats of modern engineering being reduced to scrap before even being allowed to leave the runway is truly very sad. What a terrible, terrible waste of resources. I truly feel very sorry for the men and women who have worked on that project.

Onwards & upwards!


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