Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Recycling and Landfill Tax Tables


Pt1. Oh Manchester is wonderful, but we are still not as wonderful as we could be at recycling according to the latest study by the GMB Union.

We are a lot less wonderful than Leicestershire, Devon, and Lichfield. Staffs Moorlands who top the recycling table are streets ahead of us. Hackney and the Isles of Scilly are better at recycling than we are. In fact, according to the study 353 councils are better at recycling than Manchester. Only 3 are worse.

This is according to the study which ranks councils in England on reuse, recycling and composting for 2009/10.

Now, I don't know about you but for me this makes for embarrasing reading.

Pt. 2 What makes for interesting reading are the figures... £££.

If England had done no recycling whatsoever in 2010 the bill would have been £1.1 Bn in landfill tax (which is £48 per tonne as set out in the Landfill Directive by the EU) to dispose of that 'waste'. (Just think what we're paying already!)

Looking at Manchester, if all our recycling would have gone to landfill it would have cost the taxpayer £7M plus (£7,325,370).

Manchester's recycling rate was measured at 18.8%, whilst the best performing councils were over 60%. If we performed as well as them we could save £14,000,000+ per year - just in landfill tax!!

You could argue that the demographics are different in the top performing areas and the rural areas do better but surely we can do better than 18.8%. Here's an idea - maybe the Council can incentivise recycling, get people engaged on their website . Oh, looks like they beat me to it....

Onwards & upwards!


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