Thursday, 25 November 2010

Merseyside School set to benefit £900 from US scheme RecycleBank


A school in Runcorn, Westfield Primary School, is set to benefit from the RecycleBank scheme to the tune of £900. They are planning to build a sustainable willow dome outdoor classroom and coppice area with the funds.

The local council operates the RecycleBank scheme which encourages residents to recycle through financial rewards for kerbside recycling.

RecycleBank run a schools scheme which means the rewards can be collected and spent by the school. As such Westfield Primary are collecting for the equipment and encouraging local residents to donate their points.

The scheme is an American initiative which has come to the UK and was taken up by Halton council last year. It may soon be taken up by at least one council in London.

If the scheme leads to greater uptake of recycling and also brings benefits to schools then we are all for the take up of such initiatives by local councils. We must not forget the importance of waste reduction along the way though!

Onwards & upwards!


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