Monday, 29 November 2010

170 green jobs created at Siemens, Withington


Fantastic news that 170 hi tech green jobs are being created at Siemens, Manchester. Last week on 25th November Manchester City Council approved an application from German electronics multinational Siemens to build a 2 storey, 2,679 sq mtr office and lab on their Princess Road site.

The building will be used to develop technologies for the booming offshore wind industry and will provide a testing and assembly hub for electronic devices for distribution throughout Europe.

It is great that Manchester will have such a hub built here. It demonstrates we have a wealth of skilled people who can perform such key roles in the offshore wind industry. Lets hope Manchester and the UK can capitalise further on the offshore wind and renewables opportunities in future.

Onwards & upwards!



  1. Good news but will the development affect any of the trees on the site? I would be a shame to lose any of the woodland there.

  2. Hi Keith, thanks for your comment. To be honest I am not really sure, I have not looked in detail at the planning application. Is there much woodland there?