Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Head of the EA calling for London's lights to be turned off at night.


The head of the Environment Agency has criticised London’s biggest businesses for leaving their lights blazing throughout the night.

Lord Smith has joined politicians and environmentalists in calling for London to switch off their lights outside office hours.

Whilst every business in the country is obliged to recycle, large parts of Canary Wharf, the Gherkin building and City Hall are lit up late into the night, using unnecessary energy.

EA Chairman Lord Smith said, “Walk down any street in the City this evening and you could be forgiven for thinking that everything was still open and every office tower still full of people.”

Green London Assembly Member, Darren Johnson, said “We are all being told to save energy and do everything we can, yet whenever people go outside they see building after building with their lights blazing throughout the night… City Hall is a real embarrassment, and I cringe every time I walk past it at night.”

This comes two weeks after residents of rural West Cumbria have reacted in anger at being told that their streetlights would no longer be on all night. They believe that this will aid criminal activity, increase road accidents and jeopardise their safety.

Cath Ferguson, chairman of Broughton Moor parish council, said: “We are more vulnerable in rural areas and the last thing we need in areas like Broughton Moor is to lose the little protection that lighting affords.”

So whilst London’s buildings are lit up during the night for no reason at all, the residents of West Cumbria are worried about leaving their houses after hours for fear of their safety!


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