Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Give Me Tap


A student at Manchester University has come up with an idea to save on buying expensive bottled water and reduce the number of plastic bottles being discarded.

Edwin Broni-Mensah has set up ‘Give Me Tap,’ a business which lets people refill their water bottles in cafes, restaurants and bars around the Manchester area. 41 outlets have already signed up, and all they need to do, is provide a water source.

Edwin Broni-Mensah said: “Give Me Tap helps people reduce their carbon footprint and the waste from discarded plastic bottles, save money, and even helps shop owners too by increasing footfall into their premises. We are making water easily accessible to anyone, anywhere, any time both at home and abroad. Our message is sustainability – stay hydrated, reduce waste and save money.”

Of the 13 billion plastic bottles consumed annually in the UK, only 10% are recycled with the rest going to landfills, so spending just £7 on a Give Me Tap bottle not only saves money, but also the environment! Also, 70% of profits made will fund independent water projects around the world, so what are you waiting for? Buy your bottle now and find out where to get your free refills from!



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