Tuesday, 23 February 2010

MRF Strikes Again


I was disappointed to read yet another report of the shocking levels of wastage generate by Materials Reclamation Facilities ('MRF's). It seems that Merseyside Waste Disposal Authority have released figures showing that at one of their facilities up to one tonne in every seven sent for reprocessing is then sent onto landfill.

Just another example of the potential for enormous inefficiencies in these facilities, as I had outlined in my previous blog post: MRF - Mechanical Recovery Fallacy.. Meanwhile, despite their set up and running costs, MRFs and their associated technologies continue to be cited as a marvellous invention in doing the work of separating our wasted resources...

At risk of sounding like a Luddite, how many people are currently out of work? And what about the lost opportunities to reiterate the resource efficiency message with the people who take the time to segregate materials for reprocessing?

Onwards & upwards!


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