Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Prison Work On Waste Schemes vs. NIMBY Rubbish.


I came across this rather reactionary article in the MEN about a convict working for a local waste contractor who escaped whilst on work duties.

From a social perspective, personally I think it's a good thing for prisoners to be given meaningful work and contribute something useful. I can appreciate that it's not deemed ideal from the point of view of many members of the public, however I think we need to consider our civic responsibilities and recognise that prisoners who find work are less likely to reoffend when they are released.

The fact that this prisoner was based in a Category D open prison shows that the Prison Service felt he was able to contribute to the community and it seems unfair to denigrate the system and deny prisoners the chance to reintegrate into society simply because of the NIMBYism demonstrated by some of the commmenters on the article.

One similar successful scheme I am aware of is Newport Wastesavers, who have also used "lifers" on their round, and who worked really well/hard. Assuming prisoners stick to the agreed terms, are electronically tagged (providing us all with a guarantee that they can't go far in any case) and are appropriately managed, surely the newport scheme is a good example for all involved parties and has a positive social impact upon the prison populace?

Onwards & upwards!


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