Monday, 7 December 2009

COP15 - An Overview


You may or may not know, but the COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference began in Copenhagen today, as such I thought it would be worth posting what it is about and why COP15 is so important.

The primary aim of the conference is for all participating countries to form a binding global agreement to minimise the negative man-made impacts of climate change after 2012. This agreement is to replace the Kyoto Protocol which was agreed in 1997. Such is the level of commitment to this agreement that the EU member states have even agreed to implement binding legislation based upon the outcomes of the conference.

Regardless of the debates concerning its cause, the impacts of global climate change are real and significant and the scientific community has, despite recent media coverage, largely reached a consensus; the COP15 conference will hopefully make political representatives from across the globe acknowledge the dire circumstances we face and the urgent need to act now to make a difference...

You can keep an eye on the latest developments at COP15 via their twitter feed, but also I'm sure there will be a lot of coverage in the press . Meanwhile you might want to consider joining the 10:10 campaign in order to feel part of making positive change happen towards becoming carbon neutral and more 'resource efficient'!

Onwards & upwards!


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