Thursday, 12 November 2009

UK Produces £12bn Food Waste Per Annum

Hi Folks,

A shocking report published on monday by WRAP show just how much food the UK is wasting.

According to their study, every household is throwing away as much as £480 worth of edible food every year; across the country that equates to £12bn worth of wasted edible food, weighing approximately 8.3 million tonnes!!! WRAP states that this could amount to as much as 25% of all food purchased in the UK - and at a time when food poverty still exists - even in the UK!

Clearly something needs to be done to raise awareness and help reduce the level of waste we are all generating - as concern builds about global food shortages we can little afford to waste a quarter of all of the food we purchase.

On the subject of diverting food waste: have you come across FareShare? EMERGE Food is a new subsidiary within the EMERGE Group and we are very proud to be running the North West FareShare franchise and acting as a hub for food surplus deliveries to divert in date food to people in need. If you know someone who could donate food or volunteer please contact Paul Beswick on 0161 223 8200.

And while you're at it: carry on composting!


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