Friday, 20 November 2009

Electric Cars Increase Carbon Emissions!


A recent report published by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA) has urged us to reconsider the purported environmental benefits of electric vehicles. The ETA's research has shows that because of the demand on the national grid the UK would have to build a significant number of additional coal powered or nuclear power stations to meet the demand. The ETA argue that in effect all we would be doing is transferring vehicle emissions from the exhaust pipe to the power station chimney. Without effective sustainable energy sources, the argument for electric vehicles carries very little weight.

One solution supported by the ETA is the installation of Piezoelectric crystals in the road network, which generate electricity through vibrations caused by vehicular passage . Sounds too good to be true? Although at the early stages of development , potentially it seems that solutions like this could make very real contributions to our power demands of the future...

Unfortunately meanwhile, the UK government is committed to the construction of yet more nuclear power stations in the UK even though there is no effective solution to the disposal of the massive amounts of toxic waste generated by the process. It looks like a sustainable solution to our future energy demands is further away than ever. Who is doing the energy conservation advice and awareness so badly needed for Jo Bloggs (household and business) at grassroots level? If you know, please let me know - surely we should have an army of folk doing it by now?

Bring on the smart metering in every building!


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