Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Six Reasons for a Low Carbon Economy


A recently published report by the Local Government Association has identified six significant economic drivers to be considered relating to the UK economy from the development of a low carbon economy:

  • Low carbon goods and services are outgrowing other sectors and offer a viable route out of recession for the UK economy. Environmental technologies in particular are likely to see faster growth than other areas of the economy.

  • There are already indications that carbon impact is affecting not only consumer but also voter behaviour, such movements are likely to encourage businesses and governments to think green in order to survive.

  • Not everyone will do well from the transfer to a low carbon economy and in areas of carbon intensive industry there are significant economic risks.

  • Whilst some areas will gain considerably from the development of environmental technologies there are areas that are unsuitable due to poor local availability of wind and tidal power sources.

  • There are sizable operational changes required across sectors i.e. energy efficiency in buildings and across vehicular fleets which will require careful consideration

  • On an ongoing basis the government will be making implementing and amending legislation in line with their environmental commitments to ensure they are compliant with European targets on carbon emissions amongst many things.

The report in itself makes for interesting reading and it is good to see that the government recognises the economic viability of a low carbon economy.

Onwards and Upwards


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