Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Recycling Saves the World?


Isn't it encouraging to see that world leaders are finally taking on board the green message? For too long those brave enough to champion the environmental cause were stereotyped as 'tree huggers'. Recent news reports show that politicians are finally seeing sense and the reality is a green economy that actually creates jobs and generates financial sustainability.

President Obama has pledged to drive the US towards energy independence, providing much needed jobs and safeguarding their future against global price increases. He is implementing drastic measures in some states to reduce their greenhouse emissions, aiming for as much as a 30% reduction by 2016.

Barack Obama is not alone in seeing the benefits of a greener approach, our own Prime Minister Gordon Brown made his feelings known at the World Economic Forum in Davos:

“We cannot afford to relegate climate change to the international pending tray because of our current economic difficulties. We must use the imperative of building a low carbon economy as a route to creating jobs and growth, the path that will see us through the current downturn”.

Hence the 'Green New Deal' proposed and led by the leaders of the United Nations.

Brown went on to say that the environmental industry was worth over $4 trillion and was anticipating growth of 45% over the next eight years.

Dr Neil Bentley, CBI director of business environment speaking at the Carbon Trust’s annual stakeholder event added:

“Where the great depression was solved by building roads and bridges, what this economic crisis needs is green innovation.”

In the current economic downturn it seems that this is the time for us to forge on towards a greener, more sustainable economy which will help to reduce carbon emissions and provide employment and growth.

Onwards and upwards!


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