Wednesday, 7 January 2009

5 Green Resolutions for 2009

Hello there, I thought I'd start this year off with a few thoughts on a some simple and (relatively) painless ways to start 2009 with a big green bang, not only will you be helping the environment, you’ll be saving money and even helping to burn a few of those excess Christmas pounds!
  • Get switched on; installing energy saving light bulbs will save money and energy in the home.
  • Get those fingers green, growing your own Organic crops is a satisfying and rewarding way to help the environment and save money into the bargain.
  • Beat the Standby Monster! Switch off all of your plug sockets at night before you go to bed, you will make significant savings
  • Try to give before your throw; there are many charities that would gladly take your unwanted Christmas presents off your hands!
  • Cycling, Walking or using Public Transport to get to work instead of driving will cut your carbon footprint and help shave a bit from your already svelte figure!

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