Thursday, 19 September 2013

Planned Obsolescence II - A New Hope?

Further to our previous blog post on planned obsolescence this week, it's worth sharing this promotional video for Phonebloks, a novel concept for a new mobile phone which is engineered to be extensively repairable and upgradable- a phone built to last!

It works on the premise of manufacturers collaborating together on an open platform to provide different replaceable 'bloks'. This in itself is clearly a huge barrier to the project, as it's always going to be difficult to get corporations to work together to provide a new product which is specifically designed to last - and therefore reduce consumption and profit. That's why Phonebloks is calling for our help to shout out support for the idea across the web and get manufacturers' attention. I'm not sure it'll work immediately, but these sort of concepts are going to be needed if we're ever going to achieve the goal of a more sustainable society. For that reason alone, it deserves our support.

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