Friday, 17 May 2013

Survey: not enough UK firms are recycling their waste

Many UK businesses still send their waste and rubbish to landfill and have yet to ‘get the message’ about recycling, a new survey has found.

Research by revealed that “up to 80%” of firms in the UK had no green or environmental policy in place and many companies did not separate recyclable waste from non-recyclable.

Many did not sort plastic, paper and glass waste, the survey also found, and a few were prepared to break the law and fly-tip to cut or remove the cost of handling their waste material.

The situation reflected “very badly” upon the UK, said recycling manager.

"Other countries have forged ahead with commercial recycling, but a high proportion of UK companies seemingly can't be bothered and contribute to the 228 million tons of waste we produce every year.

"Landfill is both wasteful and expensive and businesses are hitting themselves in the bank balance because of their inability or unwillingness to recycle. It's not a big step to implement a green policy, and it saves money almost from the start."


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