Thursday, 4 April 2013

Fresher for Longer

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A major study into food waste by WRAP  has revealed some interesting attitudes to packaging. The results have lead to a new campaign to help dispel some myths and educate people on how best to keep food fresher for longer.

 The study, which is called Consumer attitides to Food Waste and Food Packaging found that more than half those who participated in the research unpack food when they get it home, believing that it is better preserved outside its packaging.

WRAP says: 
"On the 5th March Love Food Hate Waste launched Fresher for Longer; a call to action to keep our food at its best for longer in the home, therefore wasting less and saving money. Only 13% of us realise that the packaging our food comes in can help us keep it fresher for longer at home and 61% of us mistakenly think that keeping food in its original pack will make it sweat and go off quicker. From zip locks to breathable fruit and veg packs modern packaging has been cunningly designed to help keep food at its best."

Amongst the materials produced for the new campaign are a How do I store my...? Wheel with advice on how to store bread, fruit, potatoes and vegetables.

A series of humorous  postcards have been produced which should provide a memorable reminder about how to store different types of food. For example, potatoes are best stored in a dry, cool dark place, and the postcard says: 'I want to sit in the dark with you'.

The materials, and the report can be downloaded from this web address:

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