Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Fancy a bit of gardening this weekend?

Got anything planned for this Saturday?

How about doing a bit of friendly gardening?

(to) garden /ga:dñ/
1. To grow vegetation and/or cultivate food, particularly for recreation. A fun and rewarding experience for all ages. An increasingly valuable and respected activity that is easy to learn!

Okay, I admit it, that definition wasn't taken directly from a dictionary. I made it up. Some would perhaps argue it isn't even a verb. But nevertheless, gardening is indeed fun and valuable, so how about learning a bit more about it?

Our Learning & Demonstration Garden at New Smithfield Market, Openshaw, will be open to the public this Saturday as part of the Big Dig project that is sweeping across the nation this year. Big Dig aims to get over ten thousand people involved in community food growing nationwide. You can find a whole host of gardens opening up to the public on the Big Dig site here.

At the EMERGE garden we'll be hosting a range of free activities, including a cookery demonstration (using our own freshly-grown ingredients!), a planting and harvesting demonstration, a quiz and various refreshments. 

As you can see below, our garden is a little haven! Worried about rain? Fear not! We have ample space under our gazebo and polytunnel.

We'd love some volunteers for the event too, so if you fancy a little bit of healthy gardening and a lot of fun, give Liz a call on 0161 223 8200, pack your best gardening footwear and a waterproof and come on down! Everybody is welcome!

The EMERGE Garden is situated next to the front entrance of New Smithfield Market, off Old Ashton Road, in Openshaw, M11 2WJ. You can't miss it as you come into the market- it's the beautiful Garden of Eden lookalike on the left. Hope to see you there!

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