Wednesday, 3 August 2011

5 ways to reuse yoghurt pots

Having been inspired by one of our fantastic Zero Waste Champions, Nigel, I have decided to share a few tips on what to do with those hard-to-recycle yoghurt pots.
  1. Flower pots. Quick and easy, a great way to separate out young plants until they are ready to be moved to bigger things. Make sure you put a few holes in the bottom though!
  2. Paint pots Now, I always remember as a kid having those days where my sister and I took over the dining table with all sorts of paints, crayons and other crafting things. We always needed something to decant the paint into something and a yoghurt pots were always available.
  3. Screw, nails, etc storer If your a big DIY fan you can store any random screws in yoghurt pots. You can write on the pot and keep them on a shelf for future use- you never know when you might need them.
  4. Candle Moulds Saw this one on another site- the small yoghurt pots are great for moulding candles in apparently! Just make sure they are heat-resistant.
  5. Piggy Banks The bigger pots with the sturdier lids can be used by all ages as a great money saving box. Just cut a hole in the top and throw your pennies in!
So, I hope that helps!!
Good luck Nigel!



  1. Thanks Ed, you've inspired me to draw upon my Blue Peter style juices and create a wonderous and much needed garage drawer organiser. Expect a photo in a week or so when we've scoffed all the contents!

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